Open Dependency Security Checker Service

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Authors Ramiro Blázquez / Daniel Garcia (cr0hn)
Latest Version 1.0.0
Python versions 3.5 or above

ODSC in a few words

Is a meta tool to analyze the security Issues in third party libraries used in your project.


There’re many different tools for analyze third party vulnerabilities for many languages, but there’re not a unique tool that works well for all of them.

This implies that:

  1. you need to locate the language specific tool,
  2. learn how use it,
  3. transform the results format to one you understand

We’re created this project to simplify this process and you can focused only in the important: your project.

ODSC is a tool that can choose the most suitable security tools for each languages and return unified and in friendly way: a JSON format.


Any collaboration is welcome!

There’re many tasks to do.You can check the Issues and send us a Pull Request.


This project is distributed under MIT license